Commetary for Sunday: XXVIIOrdinary Time

6 October 2019. 27 Sunday of Ordinary Time. Cycle C.
There are among us,who call ourselves Christians, many young people and the not so young, that in certain environments do not dare to bear witness to their faith, their Christian commitment. It is as if they were afraid of others and are not able to publicly acknowledge what they profess. It gives the impression that at some points it as a sign of weakness. There are even those who say otherwise for fear of “what they will say.”
On this Sunday, the Word of God, in Paul’s letter to Timothy, calls us to “be strong, to stand up for the Lord.” The Spirit that we have received is not for us to be cowards, but “to take part in the hard work of the Gospel”.
Jesus tells us that with faith like a mustard seed we could move mountains. But doubt always arises in us. We have a poor faith and, in addition, it lacks quality. If we call Jesus our brother, our friend, why is there still a lack of confidence?

Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf

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