Commentary for Sunday: IV Easter

May 3rd, 2020. 4th Sunday of Easter. Jn 10:1-10

In our society, we are used to having other people pointing out ways for us to go. They are what we call “leaders”. And they are found in many facets of life: in politics, in health care, in religion, in sports, in fashion… For some they are the best, while others cannot even see them. Some because they deceive, others because they defraud, others because they are corrupt, still others because they take advantage of people, etc.
“Many offer you the moon to come to power, and when they are seen up there, they hear no complaint, and deal with you with their feet…” says a song.
The word of God this Sunday presents us with Jesus as the Good Shepherd, that guide in whom we can place our trust because he will never let us down. He distinguishes himself from others because he knows us personally, he is ready to sacrifice himself for his own, he is always ahead of us, showing the way. He confirms this with his life. And he calls us to follow him, to become someone who can show the way to others as well. Those who are pastors, parents, educators, catechists, leaders or superiors, must be points of reference for all who want to live from love and justice, and not from the pursuit of themselves or their own interests.

Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf


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