Commentary for Sunday: 8th August

John 6, 41-51

Sunday, 8th August 2021 (19th OT   B)


“Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph? do we not know his father and his mother? how can he now say that he has come down from heaven? No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him”.

Everything begins with a surprise. This is often the way it is in our relationship with God. God surprises you, he dazzles you, he knocks you off your feet.

But also often, however much God wants to surprise, the human being closes himself to the Divine presence. It is a lack of wisdom. It is a hardness of heart. It may be an inability to transcend the facts. It may be that no one has taught us to discover that in these surprising events the invisible hand of God can be hidden. The fact is that not infrequently we miss the chance to meet the One who is strength, light, salvation, hope… because we do not read the surprises of life with the eyes of believers.

An unexpected encounter with someone, a few words heard “on the rebound” that seem to be addressed exclusively to you, the amazement at the extreme kindness of someone in a difficult situation, an event that leaves you thinking, the admiration that comes from contemplating the impressive sky… or the womb of a pregnant woman… Everything can be the path for God to be important in your life and, therefore, you will gain in depth, in fullness, in vitality, in optimistic outlook…

May it be so. May you not be like those Jews who, in today’s Gospel, refused to accept the “surprise” that Jesus, the son of Joseph could feed them with the Bread that gives Life.

Let God surprise you. Let him be the God of your surprises.


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf



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