Commentary for Sunday: 7th November

Mark 12, 38-44:

Sunday, 7th November 2021 (32nd OT   B).


We all have some hypocrisy in us. All of us. We all, in certain circumstances, say and do not do. Or we do what we do not say. It is part of our human limitation. But accepting such a situation does not mean that the need and the obligation in conscience disappears to work so that we become more faithful, more consistent, more followers of Jesus. He is aware of our misery.

But he also knows our riches and strengths, for God made us in his image and likeness. That is why this Sunday’s Gospel is a call to bring out that “divine” part of us all: the part that makes us radical in our self-giving; the part that does not leave us alone when we betray our vital principles; the part that pushes us to be more and more a reflection of the Kingdom of God.

It is not easy to “throw everything we have” into the basket of life. Especially when it is “for others” or for someone we do not always experience as close as we would like. But that is the decision we have to make: Do we risk and give all that we are, even that which costs us the most or that which we only have in small quantities – and we are not talking about material things, but about virtues, qualities… – or are we just people who live our faith “according to our measure”, according to what seems comfortable to me, according to what does not cost me too much…?   Now it is up to you to choose what you “put” into the basket of your life.


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf


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