Commentary for Sunday: 30th October

Luke 19, 1-10:

Sunday, 30th November 2022 (31st CST)

Some days we find ourselves in “low moral shape”, and maybe even “depressed”. Then we need someone, a friend, a brother, to lend us a hand. We need the embrace of someone who loves us. When it comes, we feel relieved, comforted, we regain the will to live.

On other days our human weakness, our sin, makes us feel lonely; we want to be apart from others, even from God.  Then it is Jesus, the friend, the brother, who makes himself present in our lives, comes to meet us and who comes to meet us, who offers us his forgiveness and his love.

Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus shows us how. Zacchaeus was small of stature and small of heart (?), known as a sinner for being a publican. He was “curious” to see Jesus and climbed a tree to see him.

Then Jesus “goes to him”. Unafraid of what the rulers of the synagogue might say (“This man eats with sinners!”), he goes into his house to stay. And Zacchaeus’ heart is opened to God and to others. And forgiveness and happiness enter his house.

Jesus is not only willing to enter my house, but invites me into his house every day, to partake of his banquet and to enjoy his forgiveness and love. But am I as curious as Zacchaeus? Am I willing to let him into my house?

What am I willing to change in my life?


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual

Am I curious?


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