Commentary for Sunday: 24th April

John 20, 19-31:

Sunday, 24th April 2022 (2nd T P C)

After celebrating last Sunday the resurrection of the Lord, on these Sundays of the Easter season the Gospel reminds us of his presence in our midst and the invitation to recognise him.

Every year, when these days of Easter come around, I never cease to be surprised and moved by the experience of those rough fishermen of Galilee. They have seen how the one they expected to be their Lord and Messiah has been killed by nailing him to a cross, and for fear that something similar might happen to them, they shut themselves up, fill themselves with fear and do not even dare to go out into the street. They have lost hope.

Suddenly, in the midst of their isolation, Jesus appears alive, and they are filled with peace and joy. They see him, they experience him, and their lives are radically changed.

They are no longer afraid, they come out of their seclusion and go out into the world to tell the world what they have experienced. And they have no problem if they have to give their lives to tell what they have seen. Even Thomas (the one who said “if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it”).

In this Easter season may we renew and rekindle our faith so that we can say with Thomas: My Lord and my God! And may we not be afraid or ashamed to proclaim to the world that Jesus is alive again and with us. In him we place our hope.


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf

Do we hide away or do we proclaim the Good News?



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