Commentary for Sunday: 19th March

John 9, 1-6.9.13-17.34-38:

Sunday, 19th March 2023 (4 Lent A)

This Sunday the Gospel tells us about the healing of a man born blind. The apostles ask Jesus if the blindness is due to some sin committed by him or by his parents (the belief of those times).

Later, the scribes and Pharisees confront the blind man and do not want to acknowledge God’s action.

“There is no one so blind as the one who does not want to see”.

In our life there are times when we may be lacking in light, in darkness: doubts. Disorientation, searching, confusion of ideas. We are blind in many situations, and this blindness is not exactly physical blindness. It is moral blindness, which is worse because it does not allow us to see, and even pretends that others “see” as we do. Locked into our own position. Clinging to criteria that do not allow us to grow. This kind of blindness is almost impossible to cure. It requires a great deal of humility, open-mindedness and open-heartedness, which gives us a new vision.

This new vision is offered to us by Jesus, the Light of the world: to live in love, in justice, in truth.

We try to hide our bad deeds, to keep them from coming to light. We do bad things in secret.

Jesus is the light that enlightens us, and he asks us that our life also be light for others: “you are the light of the world”. Light to enlighten, to give meaning to one’s own life.

There are many who are going through difficult times due to economic, health or other circumstances. And in these circumstances there are many people who have given their time and even their lives to lend a helping hand. Others are able to recognise the value of what they do. Today God continues to speak to us through them.

Am I able to recognise this?


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf

Are you living in light or in darkness?



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