Commentary for Sunday: 17th July

Luke 10, 38-42:

Sunday, July 17th, 2022 (16th T O C)

This week’s Gospel reminds us of Jesus’ visit, at Bethany, to the home of his friends Martha and Mary. Each of them has a different way of being and a different character: Martha is active, restless, concerned that the Lord should lack nothing; a good host. Mary, on the other hand, seems to be a calmer woman, more in direct contact with people, less concerned with material things. Instead of lending a hand, she sits and listens to what Jesus is saying. And, as might seem reasonable, Martha complains that her sister does nothing to help her. Then Jesus, full of gentleness, reminds her that “only one thing is necessary: Mary has chosen the better part”.

The same Jesus who in previous days spoke to us of the need to act towards our neighbour, to have an attitude of service to others, of the importance of charity, today speaks to us of the importance of listening and prayer. These must be two attitudes that complement each other. Faith and the works of which the apostle James spoke to us about.

No one can give what they do not have. If we do not have an attitude of listening in order to know what God wants from us, it is difficult for us to show love and charity that is not just pure philanthropy. The follower of Jesus has to rely on these two pillars: prayer and charity. The interior life and dedication to one’s neighbour. The Master did not make important decisions without first retiring to the mountain to pray and listen to the will of the Father.

I remember a phrase I read some time ago and I liked it: “If God listens to us, a problem is solved. But if we listen to God, a whole life is solved”. We must learn to listen to God.


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual

Do you know how to listen to God?



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