Commentary for Sunday: 13th November

Luke 21, 5-19:

Sunday, 13th November 2022 (33 OT C) 


Jesus and the apostles are arriving in Jerusalem and contemplate the majesty of the temple. Jesus prophesied that not one stone will be left upon another of all that they are seeing. And, even more, he presents them with a bleak future: natural disasters, destruction, persecutions, betrayals… He warns them that there will be those who will present themselves as “messiahs”, using his name, but do not follow them.

We only have to access the media to see that even today there are natural disasters due to climate change, wars in different parts of the world, persecutions for various reasons. There are many situations of injustice that occur in our days. In the face of these things there are those who present themselves as saviours.

The Gospel also gives us a warning: it will be a very difficult time for his disciples and followers. Difficult for those who want to make their faith the driving force of their lives. There are many in our society who are against people of faith. But in the face of them he tells us: let no one deceive you; do not be afraid. This is the opportunity to bear witness. He will not abandon us; he will even put the right words in our mouths….

We must trust in him and in his word. He will always be with us. If we do not doubt, if we remain faithful, despite all the evil that surrounds us, we will find complete happiness.


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf

Do you trust in him and in his word?


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