Commentary for Sunday: 10th April

Luke 19, 28-38

Palm Sunday, 10th April 2022


Palm Sunday. Jesus enters Jerusalem and is acclaimed by the crowds. He is greeted with palms and olive branches.

In this Sunday’s Gospel we remember the Passion of the Lord. We begin Holy Week with a remembrance of the last moments of Jesus’ life. Jesus arrives in Jerusalem ready to do the will of the Father. He is aware of the difficulties, for he knows the scriptures and what they say about these moments. But he has put himself in God’s hands, he trusts him. He will go all the way.

In a few days’ time, many of those who are cheering him today will be shouting and clenching their fists in rage, calling for him to be crucified. The apostles, Peter himself, who wants to defend Jesus with the sword, will shortly afterwards deny him. Of the 12, only John and a woman, not forgetting his mother, stand by the cross. Hopes and failures. Euphoria and defeat. Intentions and disappointments…

The impressive account given in St. Luke’s Gospel should bring our lives face to face with Jesus. How many times has the same thing happened to me? How many promises have I made that came to nothing? How many times have I abandoned him? Will this be one more time?


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf

Let us place our life before Jesus and let us reflect on this Holy Week



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