Claretians Youth and Vocation Team in Zimbabwe

Claretian youth and Vocation team had organized Vocation came for youths in Zimbabwe on 20th to 23rd December 2021 at Claret House. Seeing the sign of the time we had chosen a theme for workshop “Vocational Call to the youths in Zimbabwe”. The turnout was quite satisfactory. We had 14 young youths participated in the Vocational camp.

The youth and Vocation ministry team in Zimbabwe consists of three members coordinated by Fr. Anil Minj, CMF with Fr. Manuel Ogalla, CMF and Fr. Nyasha Choga, CMF.

There were various topics dealt to the aspiring youths, Such as: Who is claretian? Journey towards Claret _way and Basic Law of the Religious life as Claretians by Fr. Anil Minj, Rooted and audacious like Claret by Fr. Manuel Ogalla, Biblical and ecclesial identification of youth as Claretians by Fr. Nyasha Choga.



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