CIC recognized by FEUP as one of the 17 secondary schools that generate more impact on the Faculty

On May 18, took place in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), the presentation of the Campus FEUP Network, which aims to “strengthen the link with the high schools that generate more impact on the Faculty either by the number of students placed, but also by the quality of graduates who finish their academic career within five years” (Notícias U. Porto).

After the analysis of the relationship between the number and success of FEUP students coming from more than 300 secondary schools, 17 schools stood out as being the schools of origin of more than 1% of students and, of these, more than 50% finished the course in the expected period -these 17 schools include the Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos (CIC)-.

At this meeting, CIC was represented by the Pedagogical Director, Mr. Evaristo Moreira, by the Member of the Board Pedagogical Director, Mr. Pedro Figueiredo, and by Marco Fontes, Psychologist.

This was the first step towards a partnership that is intended to be very fruitful for both institutions.


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