CIC concludes the month of May, month of Mary, month of the Mother with a beautiful mural and prayer.

During the celebration of the month of May at the Boarding School of Carvalhos (CIC), several students helped to prepare a “special” mural. With paper flowers, they made an image of Mary’s face, which was used to embellish the entrance of our school.

As Mons. José Tolentino Mendonça, the current Vatican librarian, says, “from Mary we must learn the compassion, tenderness and availability that inspire every human being”.

Every time we look at Mary, we believe again. For this reason, this was also the motto proposed to the students for a brief moment of prayer to Our Lady:


Mary, my mother,

I snuggle in your lap,

I seek your protection.


Make me strong in my weakness

and open my heart

So that, walking with firm steps,

I will be a sign of the Love

of your Son Jesus!


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