Choirs, Christmas carols and tombolas in the Claret residences in Granada and Seville to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve

These days are being very special for everyone, and of course, also for the elderly people of the Claret residences in Granada and Seville.

At the Residence Claret Granada they received the visit of different choirs to celebrate Christmas and the year 2022, such as the one from the Active Participation Centre Casería de Montijo, Joaquina Eguaras, Beiro and Ronda ‘La Ilusión’ and the one from the Association of Choirs and Dances of Granada. They also enjoyed different theatres.

In the Residence Claret Seville they were able to celebrate the ‘Zambombá claretiana’ in the best possible way: singing, drinking, playing instruments and above all eating mantecados, marzipans, chocolates… Besides, they had the opportunity to enjoy a ‘Christmas Tombola’ where all the residents were grateful for the afternoon they spent amidst laughter and nerves to see if their number was the lucky one.

We pray that this joy, excitement and illusion will continue throughout 2022.



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