Celebration of the Feast of the Foundation of the Congregation in Fatima

On July 16, at the House of Reception and Spirituality in Fatima (Portugal), a gathering of Claretians took place to celebrate the 173rd anniversary of the foundation of the Congregation and to commemorate the members of the Province who celebrated significant personal anniversaries this year (silver and golden jubilees of profession or priestly ordination).

The ministries of acolyte and lector were also administered to the student Adão da Costa Chaves.

In the abscense of Carlos Candeias, Provincial Superior, for obvious reasons due to his mother’s illness, the Eucharist was presided by Fr. Abílio Jorge Correia Ramos, assisted by Fr. João Luís Escaleira Alves, Provincial Prefect of Youth and Vocation Ministry, who directed the ceremonies. All those commemorated in the Portuguese zone could not be present, as they were clearly overloaded with pastoral work that day and had already celebrated the feast on their own day in their respective communities.


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