Beginning of the commemorative acts for the 175th anniversary of the arrival of Claret to the Canary Islands

Dear families: This Sunday, March 4, begins an important year for those of us who feel ourselves Claretians.

It is the 175th anniversary of the missionary arrival of Father Claret to the Canary Islands and his presence in the Claret School of Las Palmas has given the opportunity to instil values in all the students who have passed through the centre: Christian values, sports, friends, families, Olympics, Proclade, camping… a school that goes beyond teaching, even more to the people who once passed through the centre.

For this reason, a year of various commemorative events will begin to give thanks for “so much good” that has arisen on this island after their presence. So, Sunday 5 March will be the first: a Eucharist will be celebrated in the Heart of Mary Parish at 20.00 hours, encouraging the family to attend and to spread the word. Thank you!




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