2023: a special year for youth

This year 2023 is the year of the World Youth Day (WYD) to be held in Lisbon, which is 7 months away.

The road to get there is getting shorter and shorter and it will come after a lot of work with the young people so that they can experience it as it deserves.

For this reason, the YVM Team of Fatima wanted to thank on the last day of the year all the people who share experiences of faith with the youth: “the Claretian Missionaries of Fatima, the Claretian Family (Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – HICM, Claretian Missionary Sisters, Lay Claretians…), for all the Families and the Lay Claretians…. ), for all the Families and Teachers, Pastoralists in the schools, those in charge of the APJ in each place, the APJs Coordinators, the APJs of each stage of the Claret Youth Project, to all the adolescents and young people from ANCLA to FRAGUA, those who have participated this year in our activities (Encounters, formation, catechesis, coexistence, Spiritual Exercises, Claretian Summer…) and who have collaborated with us. …) and who have collaborated with us in different areas and in different ways, for all that we have lived, shared, worked and much more?

We join in these words of thanks and “in tune with the forgiveness for all that we have failed and we want to continue improving in our mission, from the Team we wish you a Happy New Year 2023, full of Peace and Trust in God”.


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