Serving the Word: 9th November


John 2, 13-22:

“Do not make my Father’s house a marketplace!”.


Jesus’ contemporaries had turned into a place of commerce what was meant to be a place of encounter with God.

Jesus does not tolerate this lie and takes the opportunity to teach us what the true temple of God is.

And he tells us clearly that the true temple of God is the heart of every human being.

And how many sellers of the human person we find in our days:

– We traffic in the human person already from the womb and we do not even let them be born.

– We traffic in children by exploiting them in a thousand ways.

– We traffic in women and men, depriving them of the most elementary things and even of their dignity as persons.

What would Jesus say and how would he act in the face of all this?

Today you are the mouth and hands of Jesus.

Shout loudly the cry of Jesus: “Do not turn my Father’s house into a marketplace”.

And act accordingly.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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