Serving the Word: 9th February


Mark 7, 24-30:

“A woman who had a daughter possessed by an unclean spirit immediately heard of Jesus, and went to find him and threw herself at his feet…. And Jesus said to her, ‘Go home; because of what you have said, the devil has gone out of your daughter'”.


Jesus surrenders to the love of a mother who asks for healing for her daughter.

She knows that she does not belong to the people of Israel, that she is a pagan, a foreigner, that she has no certificate that gives her the right to demand the salvation that the Master brings.

But her faith in him and her affection for her daughter lead her to insist on the healing.

And Jesus gives in. He has seen their faith and their love. For Him there are no borders, no race, no creed. He understands only faith and love. And this pagan and foreign woman was brimming with both.

Do not hesitate to always turn to Jesus.

Ask Jesus today in faith for all that is in your heart.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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