Serving the Word: 8th December


Luke 1, 26-38:

“Mary answered: here is the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word”.


Good Father, everything invites us to be thankful for what you have done in Mary Immaculate and want to do in us, moved by your infinite love.

We thank you because we can turn to Mary Immaculate as a mother and as a model of faith.

As a person capable of accepting your word and always ready to live it with all her heart.

Thank you that Mary Immaculate brought Jesus into the world and made him known to us, that she invited us to obey him and that she was the first disciple.

Like her, may we know how to be attentive to welcome your plans at all times.

May we not be afraid to adhere to them wholeheartedly or to say that today it is impossible to follow the Gospel of Jesus as Mary, the Immaculate Virgin, did.

Help us, above all, never to see as normal and never to make a pact with the evil and sin that we find in the world and within ourselves.

May we not make a pact with selfishness and violence.

May we not remain indifferent when human rights are violated and people are enslaved.

May we not remain indifferent when we are invited to live without faith.

Deliver us from saying “this has always happened” and that “it is impossible to improve the world”.

May we have the courage to believe and to put our faith into practice.

Like Mary Immaculate, may we have prepared the way to receive more fully the grace that Jesus brings us.

Good day.

Antonio Sanjuán Marín, cmf


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