Serving the Word: 2nd September

Luke 5, 33-39:
“New wine, new wineskins”.

“The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of those who encounter Jesus. Those who allow themselves to be saved by Him are freed from sin, from sadness, from inner emptiness, from isolation. With Jesus Christ, joy is always born and reborn” (Pope Francis).
Jesus Christ always brings us new airs and airs of profound joy.
Joy that always creates in us an open mentality in continuous renewal, in continuous creativity and in continuous missionary daring.
Jesus Christ brings us the new wine, which is the wine that leads us to transmit our faith with joy.
Because if we are convinced that the Gospel is good news, we must ensure that this good news reaches as many people as possible.
You are the new man or woman in whom the new wine of the Gospel has been poured.
See to it today that the new wine of the Gospel within you gives strength to all that you do this day and all your days.
And see to it that you share this new wine with others. Good wine is to be drunk together, to be savoured in friendship and shared in fraternity.
Have a good day and may you get “drunk” with new wine.

Good day.
Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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