Serving the Word: 1st May

MONDAY 1st MAY 2023

Matthew 13, 54-58:

“Where does this man get this wisdom and these miracles… Is he not the carpenter’s son?”


The people close to Jesus do not believe in Jesus.

As a child he ran and played in the streets of his village.

When he grew up he worked as a carpenter together with Joseph.

He has lived a life like everyone else.

And now his fellow villagers find it scandalous that he has such wisdom and performs such miracles.

How could all this have been performed in him?

According to them, God cannot do things in such a simple and normal way.

The things of God, according to them, must be more spectacular.

But God is like that. He acts from the wisdom of the simple and the small.

It is in your hands to open yourself to that wisdom. To see God’s action and presence in the simplicity and smallness of all things.

Practice today in seeing God’s action and presence in daily life and in the simplicity of daily chores.

Endeavour to see God’s presence in every person you meet.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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