Serving the Word: 1st January


Luke 2, 16-21:


“Mary for her part kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.”


Today we celebrate the feast of Mary, Mother of God. She is the woman chosen by God to give us Jesus. She is the woman God wanted to be his mother and she is the woman God wanted to be our mother.

She gave birth to Jesus in history and continues to give birth to him throughout history.

She, as the mother of every human being, who is a child of God, invites us and teaches us to follow Jesus.

She, who kept all things in her heart, is the best book to learn the sayings, the life, the attitudes, the actions and everything about Jesus.

Give thanks to God for his Mother and give thanks also because this Mother of God is also your Mother and the Mother of all of us.

May she keep you in her Heart throughout the year that is now beginning.

Happy New Year 2022.

Antonio Sanjuán Marín, cmf


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