Serving the Word: 18th November


Luke 19:41-44:

“When Jesus came near Jerusalem and saw the city, he said to it weeping, “If only you had understood on this day what leads to peace! But no, it is hidden from your eyes… you did not recognise the time of my coming”.


Today we see Jesus weeping. Rarely do the Gospels tell us about the weeping of Jesus.

And Jesus weeps today because everything that leads to peace is hidden from the eyes of the children of Jerusalem, the holy city.

They have failed to perceive and appreciate the call of God through Jesus. They have rejected the message that can lead them to true peace.

Jesus also continues to weep for all of us when, closing our eyes to his gospel of peace, we open them to hatred, to dislike, to resentment, to taking justice into our own hands, closing them to everything that leads us to the peace that he brings and gives us.

Today I wish for me and for all of us that we always understand what leads to peace and that we know how to recognise the moment of the Lord’s visit and coming, especially through those most in need.

May Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, change our gaze so that our peace may be reborn with the peace of the Gospel. May our peace be reborn with the peace of the Lord.

Good day.

Antonio Sanjuán Marín, cmf


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