Serving the Word: 10th February


Mark 7, 31-37:

“He has done all things well; he makes the deaf hear and the dumb speak”.


A deaf and dumb person is a person who has limitations in communicating with others and with their surroundings.

Nowadays these may be small barriers. But this was not the case in Jesus’ time.

The life of these people in Jesus’ time was much more limited.

When Jesus in today’s Gospel opens the ears of the deaf man and puts words in his mouth, he not only heals a deaf and dumb man, but he restores a person to their full dignity.

For that person is no longer an excluded person but an integrated person.

There are other kinds of deafness and other ways of being mute. We can be deaf to the Word of God, to the calls of our brothers and sisters, to the cries of creation …

And we can also be mute in responding to that Word, to those calls and to those cries.

Ask the Lord to perform in you today the miracle he realised in that deaf and dumb man.

May he also touch your ears and your tongue and pronounce his word: “EFFETÁ”. That is: “BE OPENED”.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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